About The Mill

So here's our story:
Though opinions vary on when The Mill was actually born, our roots date to 1975. Here's the short version of our history:

Basically, some guys were working in a local bike shop and found themselves a bit bored (and cold) in the middle of a Nebraska winter. Somebody had the idea of trying to actually make the usual "shop" coffee better, and it shortly became a bit of a obsession/contest amongst the group. Soon friends (and friends of friends) started hanging around as much for the coffee as the bikes, and an idea formed: Lincoln could really use an actual coffee house.

The Mill became a business of it's own in a tiny space in downtown Lincoln. Several moves later---each motivated by demand for more coffee, espresso, and tea, and more space in which to congregate around it---the primary Mill now resides in it's (hopefully) permanent home in an old brick warehouse in the downtown "Haymarket" district. Our second location, in Lincoln's College View neighborhood, opened in December of 2001.

All three of the current owners date back to their time together in the bike shop, and though The Mill has grown and expanded beyond what they initially imagined, some things won't ever change---insistence on quality, people before dollars, and committment to doing it right or not at all.
In addition to fresh-roasted coffee and fine teas, The Mill offers locally-made sandwiches and vegetarian wraps, baked goods and desserts, a large selection of gourmet candies and chocolate, and of course a full line of coffee and tea related supplies and hardware, all in a casual and eclectic environment.

Thanks for visiting! Stop by and see us sometime at one of our stores here in Lincoln if you have the opportunity. In the meantime, we hope you find a bit of The Mill experience here on our website.
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